Scuba Hides tank covers !

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Scuba Hides leviathan

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Scuba Hides leviathan

The graphics are printed on a 10 mill. thick piece of polyethelyne which is placed on the tank without any adhesive. Then a 5mill. thick shrink-wrap sleeve is slid over the tank and heat shrunk with a normal hairdryer. Because the graphics are printed on the inside of the label, nothing will rub off. No adhesive is used whatsoever, and they do not cover up either the hydro stamp, or visual inspection sticker. 
Once you receive your ScubaHide, they are easy to apply yourself. Simply place the graphics on the tank, slip the clear heat wrap over it, and apply heat with a normal hair dryer to shrink-wrap it tightly to the body of the tank. 

Here are some FAQ's about ScubaHides:
ScubaHides are sold UN-shrunk; you shrink them yourself with a normal hair dryer. 
Once they are on, they won't come off until you cut them off. 
Does not harm or alter your tank in any way. 
Does not alter buoyancy. 
Covers all dings, scratches and blemishes on tanks.  
Printed on the inside to prevent scratching. 

euro 15.00


Shrink ! Shrink !
euro 7.50